Corporate governance

The SUIZORA group has made the strengthening of corporate governance (corporate control) one of its most important management priorities, and the entire group is engaged in developing and operating effective and efficient internal controls based on the mission, vision, values, and code of conduct of the SUIZORA group.

Outline of the corporate governance system

The SUIZORA group uses a system of executive officers. And a holding company structure that separates business divisions as subsidiaries to expedite decision making and improve management efficiency. In addition, the maximum number of directors has been set at 13 to further improve the supervisory function of the board of directors, and managerial responsibilities are clearly defined by shortening terms of office to one year.
The board of directors meeting is held once every month, in principle. A committee of the operating officers is held once every month in principle for executive officers to share information regarding the status of business execution. Each of the auditors conduct audits of business execution by directors, reporting to the audit & supervisory board meeting, held once every month in principle, ensuring audit effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Company

We contribute to creating an affluent, Real Estate, Multi Manufacturing, Recycling-oriented society through our business activities worldwide.

The SUIZORA group was founded in 1996. Harnessing its technologies and operational experiences in mining and smelting, we today operates unique real estate, manufacturing,recycling-oriented businesses that range extensively from the production of metal and high value-added products to waste treatment and recycling.

Our high-performance products and services are used extensively in automobiles, electronic devices, and various final products. At the same time, we engage in resource recycling and reduce the burden on the environment.
We contribute to creating an affluent, real estate, manufacturing recycling-oriented society through our business activities worldwide.

Our Vision

We Contribute, continuously to building a sustainable future through our core business, the promotion of resource recycling, and the provision of excellent materials and technologies.

Our Mission

Contribute to creating an affluent, Real Estate, manufacturing, and recycling-oriented society through our business activities worldwide.


The values of the officers and employees of the SUIZORA Group

  1. Properly understand social issues and address them.
  2. Act honestly and responsibly.
  3. Engage in fair competition.
  4. Embrace change and turn it into an opportunity to challenge ourselves.
  5. Respect diversity and individuals.



  • Improving corporate value and resolving social issuesWe shall improve our corporate value and solve social issues to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.
  • Pursuing improvements in technologies and qualityWe shall proactively meet social and customers’ needs by continuing to commit to the improvement of technologies and quality.
  • Promoting occupational health and safetyWe shall act with full recognition of “safety first” and strive to prevent occupational accidents and injuries. We shall also maintain and improve the working environment in order to safeguard the health and safety of all people involved in our business.
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